Weather Radar Analysis of Meteor Events

(Click this link if you’re looking for strewn field maps from weather radar data!)


UPDATE: Galactic Analytics LLC will soon transfer its operations to the Planetary Science Institute, a nonprofit research organization in Tucson, AZ! If you have an existing annual subscription, it will be honored until it expires. Otherwise, all analyses will be available on a single-event basis. The three-day wait for single-event subscriptions has been eliminated. At the end of a transition period extending through March of 2014 (approximately), all analyses will be openly accessible to the public on PSI’s website! ¬†Working with PSI will enable us to train more analysts and examine more meteor events. We will also add outreach activities by PSI scientists at meteorite fall locales, in-house meteorite analytical capabilities at PSI, and will facilitate greater cooperation between scientists, meteorite hunters, hobbyists and the general public. Stay tuned for updates!

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